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  • About Millennium Information

Millennium Technology has gaining success path by offering LED Flood Light in India. Millennium lighten your lights and offer a proven energy saving that is just about to change the way you thought about lighting up your spaces.

Passionate leaders who carry speciality in the manufacturing of advanced and superior LED products support our company. Our world-class production site located in Surat is equipped with world-class infrastructure to offer the finest produce that is matchless in the market.

Connect with us; today to get closer to the finest and the most inventive light technology that carries immense significance for the environment.

Advantages of using LED Lights


LED is a point-like splendid body, the creators outlining an arrangement of different shapes,different particles of the light source according to customer prerequisite by the adaptable mix of surface, line and point, the design is particularly versatile.

LED Lights use uniform light-emanating insightful board and settled design, joined with successful light guide plate, and aluminum compound material. Sparkle is even and illumination is higher

LED Lights Consumes low power and completely less heat dissipation

LED Focus Lights are really longer Lasting. When comparing with standard globules, LED Lights are known for their sturdiness and long life. In a normal, these globules keep going for up to 10 times longer than brilliant, halogen or glaring lights. When you introduce a LED Light, you don’t need to stress over swap for quite a while. These lights likewise beyond words when they close to the end of their lifespan. Generally, LED Lights result in noteworthy savings and diminished loans for business person running warehouses or overseeing stadiums.

The exceptional feature of LED allows it to create distinctive colors effectively without filters. This picks up an additional energy sparing as there is no waste due to filtering. In addition, LED Lights are more conservative in size and integrative without additional optical installations.

LED lighting is a leading green lighting innovation, the products don’t contain lead, mercury and less waste. These type of lights do not produce any harmful radiation such as carbon. As a result, LED Lights are really a more environment lighting and also to the health to person nearby.

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Buy LED Flood Light Online In India At Wholesale Price

A pioneering advance that has changed the way bulbs and tubes used to work around us. This is one of the leading inventions in this sphere that has offered a unique appeal towards LED lightening systems all across the globe. These lights are bright, solves your purpose of offering some extra light to brighten any given space, as well as look potentially great.

Millennium Technology urged you to browse through the spectacular range of cutting edge and advanced LED Flood Light in india at Whole Sale price, right here. We have always been thinking out of the box and work hard towards bringing, nothing less than simply the best. This objective that we carry at the back of our minds enable us to hand pick quality products to be offered on the market, with a diverse approach. All our LED focus lights carry a 2 Years Warranty, offering a preventive approach towards making life a bit more easy and dependable with these picks.

Being a one stop solution for offering the best in class Led Focus Light, we attempt at catering the mass with our imaginative and resourceful approach, while offering nothing but simply the best. You can rely on our strategy to offer out of the box flood lights that can be used in homes, open areas, offices, shops, almost anywhere to get closer to the bright life and heavy pocket. Most of the LED Lights we offer are unique, energy efficient, beautifully designed to offer all that you had been looking for in an optimal light system.

Our team of experts’ deals with simply the most substantial and pioneering technologies in the market, and we at this moment aim to offer the most contemporary approach in rational pricing to mark a difference in your lives.

Now decorate your garden, open spaces, corridors, etc. with the latest and the most creative approach in the form of these lights. We believe in offering innovation at its best. Therefore, we have been reputed as one of the most revolutionary supplier of LED Flood Light in India

This is a one-stop solution to all your lawn and garden’s gloominess. Most of our clients pick these innovative lights to enlighten dark areas to pay sports; recreational activities enlighten and brighten their parks and lawns for parties and so much more. Now that you have that extra open space, why waste it at all?

Connect to us, for the apt and unique LED Light that carries the capacity to flood your open space, making it all the more useful, bright and ready to be used for any purpose you desire.

Join the modern and the advanced revolution, pick nothing less than simply the best and experience the difference of brightness in your life, today! we offer a wide assortment of LED Tube Light , LED High Bay Light and LED Panel Light in India. This is our bid towards a better future!

Our Products

LED Light is low power consuming and energy efficient lights that are utilized to enlighten a dull area totally.These center lights are inherent with solid beam lights to create all the more light making them reasonable for outdoor as well as indoor applications.

LED Panel light is the leading lighting technology to lighten your indoor spaces as they come with brilliant efficiency. Available in three variants, our LED panel lights come with various options in colors and sizes.

LED Street Lighting is an eco friendly– all around arranged and high illuminating lights that will fit in the current devices of your old shining or CFL lights. These lights have been formed using latest innovation, perfect lighting for outdoor applications.

We offer a broad assortment of floor, desk and wall lights to fulfill everyone’s necessity. Students can find shading, fun work place lights to suit their study room. On the off chance that you’re looking for more flawless light Plans, our ergonomic eye-getting work territory lights will suit your taste…

LED Rechargeable Lights can be revived, especially of a battery that can be empowered from mains power by method for a charger to using when force are gone out.

Why LED Lights ?


Lighting That Pays for Itself

Your business can climb to energy saving LED lighting with no direct costs, repaying the foundation over various imperatives bills.’On-bill subsidizing’ financing is expected to be pay positive, which implies month to month energy assets are more vital than the repayments. Chat with our specialists about on-bill sponsoring or other financing game plans.

 LED Flood Light
I purchase LED Light from millennium. Product quality and services are awesome. It gives a warranty of product.that’s really benefit for us.
Mr. Ankit Savaliya
I haven’t seen any electronic thing giving warranty of more than a year wheras LED Light does. really it’s unbeliveable!
Mr. Ajay Jangid
Good response from the group of Millennium. It gives a warranty of product.that’s really benefit for us.
Mr. Rakesh Pandit